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Helping Individuals Reach Their Goals

Every life has its challenges.  And when those challenges seem overwhelming, help is available at Affordable Counseling Therapy (ACT).  Talking about feelings with friends, family, mentors or spiritual advisors can often make you feel better – but many times you need the guidance and help of an experienced professional counselor.  For over 40 years, ACT has provided a broad array of professional services to individuals from preschool through late adulthood. Services include individual and group counseling, marriage counseling, family counseling, and addictions counseling.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Supervisor & Subordinate


Stress & Anxiety

Depression & Grief

Maritial & Family Issues


At Affordable Counseling Therapy, clients are assigned a therapist or wellness coach based on a thorough assessment of clinical issues and needs.  Therapists and wellness coaches have diverse areas of expertise and can support clients utilizing a number of different approaches to recovery, mental health, and general wellness.


We know that hearing the experiences, stumbling blocks, and victories of others, as well as sharing your own experiences, is an essential step to lasting change.  

Group options include:


  • “Essential Skills Workshop” -- 13 week cognitive behavioral group therapy program that addresses the cognitive, social, and emotional needs of clients, especially those who have been incarcerated or have entered a substance abuse recovery program. 

  • Support group for women who have issues with self-esteem 

  • Grief support

  • Others as needed


Each client is paired with a lifestyle coach, who assists clients in practicing life skills, maintaining accountability, and managing other aspects of life. They provide consistent support and encouragement as clients work towards their goals.

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